Provided services by the Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce of Malaga offers to students who are enrolled in the Master the following services free of charge.

  •  Internships

During the last trimester of the Master, students may apply for an internship. These will be provided at some of the most important companies in Malaga.

  • Erasmus for young entrepreneurs and businesswomen.

The Chamber of Commerce of Malaga facilitates management internships abroad. These internships are aimed at young Andalusians who wish to gain experience from successful entrepreneurs from different countries of the European Union. There are different types and amounts of funding depending on the destination.

  • Personalized professional guidance.

The Chamber of Commerce offers advice to students concerning adequatepreparation of resume for those actively seeking employment.

  • Consults for starting entrepreneurs

The Chamber of Commerce of Malaga and the Academic Board of the Master offer consults to participants who want a free, personalized advice for start-ups and early stages of project development. Furthermore, it informs the entrepreneurs of aids and grants available at the provincial, regional, national and European level.

  • Support internationalization projects

The Chamber of Commerce also offers entrepreneurs who successfully finish the Master degree sufficient and various services designed to facilitate the internationalization of companies, such as: Export Potential Diagnostics, Information Services and Information Days on market access to subsidized Trade Missions etc.


Professional development

The Master of International Business allows you to enrich your professional profile by obtaining valuable contacts with professors, other ambitious students and internationally focused companies. The MIB offers multiple possibilities for developing your professional career such as manager of the international department, head of logistic operations or manager of international expansion. In addition you can also choose to establish your own consulting company or international trading enterprise.

The largest multinationals search for candidates with global profiles, an international vision and capacities to manage multicultural organizations.

Chamber of Commerce

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