FAQ International Business Master

Application process

How do I apply to the Master?
  • To apply for the Master you should request the “admission interview” with the Academic Director of the Master through the Web. In the CONTACT section of the websiteINTERVIEW REQUEST select the option “interview request” and you must additionally provide your curriculum vitae.
  • You will then be invited to this admission interview and afterwards you will hear from the Board whether or not you are accepted.

If you are abroad, we can conduct the admissions interview via Skype


Should I provide a motivation letter?

In Spain this is usually not asked, for this Master this is not a prerequisite.

Do I have to provide a recommendation letter and how many must I provide? If so, is there a specific layout I must use?

In Spain this is usually not asked therefore you do not need this. However as you start your application process through the website, we do ask for a reference, this may be a professor or a manager with whom you have worked with.

Spanish language requirements

Do I need to prove my Spanish language proficiency? If so, how must I provide this prove?

Because the master program is fully in Spanish you need an intermediate to an advanced level of proficiency. You can complete a Spanish test provided by Cervantes language institution, to find out your level of language proficiency. You can send a copy of this test to the administration’s office as an appendix. http://www.cervantes.to/test_inicial.html

• I have an intermediate Spanish language level but I want to follow extra classes to improve this, where can I find a suitable course in Málaga?

The Chamber of Commerce Business School of Malaga provided language courses to their international students. These courses depend on scheduling of the Málaga Business School.

Transcripts, records, diplomas

Must I send the certificate from my higher secondary school?

This master is aimed at students with an obtained university degree (bachelor). This is the only certificate we require of new students besides their CV´s. Therefore, there is no need for a higher secondary school certificate.

How must I provide prove my work-experience?

This information will be given through your CV as well as in the admissions interview.


To what account do I have to transfer the tuition?

Philobusiness S.L. is the company that is in charge of the administration. Once you have completed the admissions interview and have been granted acceptance to the master program, they will send you a letter with all the requirements for the tuition payments.

When do I need to make the payments if I chose to pay in installments?

This information will also be given in the letter from Philobusiness, which you will receive after being accepted.

Legal formalities

Do I need a Visa?
      • If you are from outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland you need to obtain a student residence visa. To apply for a visa you need to have an accreditation which approves you are accepted at an education ofthe Official Chamber of Commerce in Málaga. You can obtain it at the Spanish consulate in your own country. For further instructions check the Legal Formalities sections.
      • EU/EEA and Switzerland residents do not need a visa.


If I enroll for the Master, Do I have to take the University Course of International E-bussines ?

Yes, this course is inside Master Degree, offering an advanced training in a specialist e-business area.

Do I have to pay an extra charge for the University Course International E-business?

Just if you want the University Diploma you will have to pay a fee for this course, this fee is government-regulated and have been tailored to comply with the requisites outlined by the European Higher Education Area. Otherwise you will get only the Official Chamber of Commerce Diploma.

Do I get to do practical classes?

Yes. The Master’s degree courses use the European system of ECTS credits to be able to bring together different kinds of teaching activity in the same programme, from theory to practical classes and other types of directed study.

What exactly are ECTS credits?

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System of credits are the academic unit of measurement used by the master’s program to evaluate the student’s training process in the following types of learning activity:

lectures and practical classes

hours of study outside class

seminars, assignments, practical assignments and projects

preparation and completion of examinations or other evaluative tests

Each ECTS credit is worth 25 hours of student study so the Universty Course of International E-Business has a 200 hours and the Master MIE degree has 500 hours.

If you do need any more help, do not hesitate to contact us, We can help you in your quest. Look also in our Practical information section international master