The Master of International Business – MIB-  is an educational platform that is based on solving real business situations and case studies, which will become more complex as the Master training progresses.  Besides the case studies, the students will create complementary projects, individually and group based in order to achieve an exchange of knowledge and to improve their skills and competences.

Students always have access to a tutor to address their concerns or questions and there is an online platform that facilitates interaction among participants.

In addition, the students are required to create a final internalization project report that shows the application of the acquired knowledge during the master.

The Master has a zero paper policy, thus encouraging greater attention of participants and also implements environmentally friendly measures.

Students will work with published papers concerning internationalization, produced by experienced enterprises that wish to share their experiences of working with governmental bodies, trading agents and managers. In addition, workshops will be given about emerging markets, current themes and international trade.

Every module incorporates different types of real case studies of existing companies; furthermore these modules will aid the students with their final project. The final project entails conducting an international strategy plan of an enterprise. This will be done in groups, based on the profile of participating students.

In order to promote individual and collective effort, the Academic Board and the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga award a special recognition to the student who achieves the highest score in the development of the Master.

Chamber of Commerce

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