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The MIB incorporates features that differentiate it from traditional Masters of International Business, such as its openness to service companies (tourism, construction, engineering, health, etc.), the incorporation of technological tools, the use of social networks, application of Competitive Intelligence techniques for internationalization and management training of subsidiaries and offices abroad.

It provides knowledge and skills that can be applied to any type of company, anywhere in the world.


Expand your vision of the business world and strengthen your ability to detect opportunities, be able to sell anywhere in the world.

When the student finishes this Master, he will be able to implement export and import operations, develop future overseas expansion projects and make strategic decisions on an international level.

If you are looking for professional growth, MIB provides training adapted to the new demands of the market as more and more companies make the decision to expand internationally as a necessity for survival, growth and long-term profitability.


The Chambers of Commerce is the best known as business centers training students at national and international level, even above many prestigious schools.


All of the lecturers at the MIB are academic professionals with extensive experience in the business world. The classes will be a platform for exchange of knowledge based on real life situations and experiences.

Besides the theoretic content you will also gain a lot of practical knowledge, which will give you an advantage on students graduating for the same title at universities where most of the curriculum is strictly theoretical.


During the last trimester of the Master, students may apply for an internship. These will be provided at some of the most important export companies in Malaga.


MBA students can apply for a work in companies based in Malaga and across Andalussia, including Marbella, Ronda, Seville, Granada.

Work on a specific spanish company in a closely related to their International MBA (MIE) studies. Work placement is an introduction to what may lie ahead for you in the world of work. These placements allow you the opportunity for you to learn about yourself in a work environment.

To apply for work placement is required to be an European citizens or to have legal work permition. Chamber of Commerce of Malaga will look for your best work placement opportunity.






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