Get to know Andalusia and Málaga

Málaga, the city situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, is the second biggest city of southern Spain, has 600,000 inhabitants and a coast line of 10 kilometres.

The city is famous for its beaches, tourism, historical and cultural background and its pleasant climate. Moreover, the people are very open and easy-going.

This altogether makes Málaga an excellent place to live, work and study. It is Pablo Picasso’s birthplace, it has many museums and you can find many old buildings such as the Roman theatre and la Manquita also buildings dated from the period the Moors ruled Malaga. However nowadays Malaga has become an important commercial centre again.

The city is now considered the most important technological and commercial centre of Andalusia and accommodates excellent shopping centres, has many sport facilities and a vibrant nightlife. More recently the city is working on a project to facilitate a metro line which will connect the most important city districts.

The capital of the Costa del Sol counts more than 40,000 students which study at the University of Malaga and Malaga is also very popular for foreign students. Every year at least 1000 new exchange students come to Malaga to study. Furthermore many people come to Malaga to study at one of the many language schools you can find here. Spanish is the 3th most spoken language and is becoming increasingly important.

Malaga is situated between the coast line and the mountains. If you would like to take a day off, away from the noise city, you could easily take a hike or go for a walk through the mountains in the north of Malaga, travel to other beautiful cities nearby Málaga such as Granada or Córdoba or just relax on the beach.


Business environment

Malaga is the most important commercial and technological centre of Andalusia. The economy of Malaga is above the average of Spain and surpasses the Andalusian and Spanish economic growth. The most dynamic sectors in Malaga are tourism, construction, agriculture and technology and technology services. Others sectors such as transportation and logistics are growing. Many important companies are stationed in Malaga such as Hojiblanca, Isofotón, Sondo and Unicaja. Aslo, since 1992 the Andalusian technology park has been stationed in Málaga. Here many companies have their research and development centres and laboratories. Nowadays, this high-tech science and industrial park is home to 509 companies and 13,600 employees.

The growth of this technology park corresponds to the ambition of Malaga to become the European Silicon Valley. The presence of the University of Malaga, the technology park and other education centres are a strong foundation to provide local and multinational companies stationed in Malaga with educated employees.

The chamber of commerce in Malaga provides entrepreneurs and ambitious students education of high quality with a highly practical approach. Furthermore if you pursue a course of study at the Chamber of Commerce, you not only have the advantage of receiving a high quality education with teachers who have a wealth of experience in the practice, but you can also benefit from the network the Chamber of Commerce has with teacher which have allot of experience in the practice, but you can also benefit of the network the Chamber of Commerce has with other Chambers of Commerce and companies.


Why Málaga?

Malaga provides you the perfect study and living environment with many entrepreneurial opportunities.Studying in the commercial and technological capital of Andalusia accesses you to many highly valued education centres, enabling the creation of commercial networks with local companies. Let the City of Pablo Picasso and Costa del Sol inspire you! Malaga offers low cost transportation, excellent weather, culture, innovation, developed tourism industry, low cost accommodation….. It’s the best place to study your Postgraduate.  



Andalusia is the most populous and second largest autonomous region of Spain and is divided in 8 different provinces. The name Andalusia comes from the time the Moors had control of this region.

They called it Al-Andalus. Many things of the Spanish culture originate from Andalusia, such as bull fighting. The province has a high variety of different landscapes. Andalusia is located on the Mediterranean Sea but also the Atlantic Ocean in the west. In addition, you can find desert, huge forests, wetlands and huge protected nature parks. Alongside Malaga, Andalusia knows many other cultural highly valued cities, such as Córdoba, Granada and Seville.

Here you can see historical buildings such as the Alhambra in Granada, LA Mezquita in Córdoba and you can experience the typical Spanish vibe, seeing people doing the flamenco on the streets, having some tapas on a terrace.  Discoveries of beautiful small villages are found throughout the whole of Andalusia.


Health system

Spain has a very large public health service. There are many health centres and even in the smallest villages you can find a health centre. Spanish people do get these services for free. If you own a European Health Insurance Card you can also benefit from these free services.

The province of Malaga has 6 health districts and in every district is at least one large hospital. These 6 health districts are La Vega in Antequera, Serranía in Ronda, Valle del Guadalhorce in Cártama, Malaga in Malaga city Costa del Sol in Mijas and Axarquía based in Vélez-Málaga. In the centre of the province are hospitals in Malaga city, called Materno Infantil, Hospital Civil, Hospital Virgen de la Victoria and Hospital Regional Carlos Haya.

For routine medical consultations, patients are advised to go to a polyclinic nearby or a health centre. However if you look for specialists you should go to a health centre. There are many hospitals and ambulance services across the province which means that citizens of Spain have access to qualified medical staff wherever they are. Emergency phones are: 061 and 112. Languages spoken on the emergency phones are Spanish, English, French and German. Why Málaga for a master?

Chamber of Commerce

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