Practical information


Getting here

There are different ways to arrive in Málaga. You could arrive by train, plane or car. Málaga has a very big airport and from there you can easily access the city centre by train or car.

With plane

If you arrive by plane you can get to the city either by taxi or bus.

When you arrive at the airport, many taxis will be waiting for you at the exit to take to your destination but if you want to save money, you can also choose to take the bus. You will need to take bus number A75 which leaves from the front of terminal 3. The first bus leaves at 7am and the last one leaves at midnight.


Arrive with train or car

There are many possibilities to go to Málaga with train or by car. The roads to Málaga are connected with every important main road in Spain and furthermore is and the railway is also connected to every Spanish city and indirectly also with all important cities throughout Europe. The railroad company is: Renfe


Transport in the city

If you live in the centre of the city you virtually never need transport and you can walk to the school of the Chamber of Commerce but if you want to travel within the city you can do this the following ways:

Costs of life

Here below you can see an approximation of the costs living a month in Málaga based on an average lifestyle.

  • Housing rent €250
  • Food € 160 per month
  • Other costs € 200

Total:  €610

Banking and creditcard

The banking system complies completely to international standards and the city has a major network of different bank offices and automatic tellers. Credit cards are extensively used and are accepted in the majority of shops, restaurants, etc. To open a bank account you need to have a NIE (Spanish foreign national ID) number / card.

If your stay is longer it would be advised for convenience to open a bank account in Spain.

We also recommend you consult with your bank before leaving your country about their fees for using your credit or debit card abroad, as well as money transfer conditions.



Housing service

Short visits ( till 3 weeks)

On the internet you can find many services which helps you find a place to stay during your time in Málaga. If you only stay for a few days or you want to stay longer than 3 weeks, we recommend you rent an apartment or stay in a hotel or hostel.


There are websites which offers apartments that you can rent per week and that is why these websites are suitable to find apartments for your short visit.

This is a website that offers all kinds of apartments and you can search your apartment with your own selected criteria such as:

  • Districts( the district of the Chamber of Commerce is called Nuevo Centro and is situated in the heart of the city)
  • Price (displays the price per day)
  • Type of housing (apartment, house, private room)
  • Services( internet/washing machine/ balcony)

The advantage of this page is that you can change the website into English, German, French or any other language.


The tourism industry is very big in Málaga and Málaga also has the capacity and facilities to cope with the numerous tourists arriving in Málaga. There are numerous hotels and hostels in Málaga and you can find these hotels and hostels on well-known websites such as or We recommend to you some suitable hotels for your stay in Málaga. It is not very expensive and you can stay at the most wonderful places in the center  of the city.

Alcazaba Premium Hostel

This hotel is not expensive and is located very close to the Chamber of Commerce ( 5 minutes walking), furthermore you have a view of the roman theatre and the cathedral. It is located in the heart of the city and you can find numerous shops, restaurants and bars around the hostel. With the comfortable rooms, the favorable price and the location in the center of the city and close to the Chamber of Commerce, is the Alcazaba Premium Hostel is a very suitable place to stay during your time in Málaga.

There are many other hotels and hostels surrounding the Chamber of Commerce and you can find these by websites such as or You can find all kinds of hotels and hostels offering various facilities and favorable rates.


Long stay (more than 3 weeks)

If you stay for a longer period than 3 weeks and you have decided to undertake a course of education with the Chamber of Commerce, we recommend that you rent a flat or apartment close to the city center. There are many website which offer apartments and flats to rent.

We suggest that you find a room close to the city center or in the center of the city because then you will be also close to the school of the Chamber of Commerce and you do not need to travel much every day which will also prevent you to spend extra money on travelling.

Here below you can see some websites where you can find rooms and apartments in Málaga:

This website offers private rooms but you will share the living room and kitchen together with other students. The majority of the people are young and are Erasmus students. You can also visit the website in English.

If you want more privacy, you can rent a flat or apartment. Visit the following websites:

On these websites you can find suitable apartments and flats for your stay in Málaga. The costs are a bit higher than a shared room but you will have more privacy and you will have more space in your own apartment or flat. The pages mentioned above are only offered in Spanish and not in English or any other language.

If you want to use website which is translated in English, you should visit the following website:


Chamber of Commerce

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More Information

Malaga Chamber of Commerce Phone:(+34) 952 211 673 ext. #241